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“The importance of regional co-operation was also emphasized in the context of the role that sustainability played in the promotion of peace and security. The Environment and Security Initiative (ENVSEC) was highlighted as an important example of inter-agency co-operation and partnership between OSCE, UNEP, UNDP, the Regional Environmental Centre for Central and Eastern Europe, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and ECE. The innovative structure of ENVSEC could serve as a model for other regions.”
Report of the UNECE Regional Preparatory Meeting for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development

"Since 2003, ENVSEC and its partner organizations have catalyzed tools for improved transboundary cooperation, and helped to establish transboudary institutions, for example in the Ferghana Valley. In 2005, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan requested ENVSEC to facilitate an environmental risk assessment in the valley, involving information-sharing, a joint field assessment and a regional stakeholder consultation workshop. The assessment was a breakthrough, linking together environmental authorities and stakeholders who previously did not cooperate. Although unresolved questions relating to border demarcation and water resources remained, it allowed the parties to agree on a workplan to combat the most critical issues."
Report on Sustainable management of water and water-related ecosystems

“As early as 1994, research identified the Amu Darya delta as an environment and security hotspot and these concerns are increasing rather than receding”. “From a security perspective climate change, water, energy and agriculture constitute the main areas of interest for this report (Environment and Security in Amu Darya basin) as they reveal the potential for increasing instability and even confrontation as more flows are impounded upstream reducing those water availability and quality downstream,” he added. “Trust building, re-thinking agricultural production including irrigation systems and fostering cooperation on shared resources and infrastructure will be key to sustainable development in this part of Central Asia. The (UNEP and ENVSEC) report sets out clear recommendations on how this can be achieved in a partnership between the countries concerned and the international community.”
Achim Steiner , UN Under-Secretary General and UNEP Executive Director

“ENVSEC project activities address relevant environmental issues in the target countries, also from the point of view of environment and security interlinkages, and that the ENVSEC projects are contributing to the reduction of environment and security risks. ENVSEC projects are making progress, help to build confidence and generate regional cooperation in Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia, and have generally gained the support of key authorities. It notes that the ENVSEC Initiative itself as often not known to local and national stakeholders of the projects.”
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland

“Making joint decisions on the best course of action to deal with transboundary environmental issues can be a powerful tool” for easing tensions and strengthening security
Christophe Bouvier , ENVSEC Chair 2010 and Regional Director for Europe UNEP
United Nations Environment Programme 

“The spectrum of ENVSEC activities is wide and diverse, but they all serve one objective, which is to transform risks into co-operation.\"
Goran Svilanović , ENVSEC 2012 Chair
OSCE Co-ordinator for Economic and Environmental Activities 

"Through implementing ENVSEC projects on the ground, we came to realize how important it is to transform the current thinking to appreciate how deeply the environment and natural resources relate to our security concerns, and how the environment is at risk due to political tensions and lack of security. It is in this context that we also realized the importance of knowledge in integrating environmental sustainability and ecosystem management in the political agenda of states, as we are embarking on the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development".
Jan Dusik, Director and Regional Representative
UNEP Regional Office for Europe 
Press release: Launch of Geneva Science-Policy Platform

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